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History of the Bank

ISIAKU MICROFINANCE BANK LTD is a licensed Microfinance Bank (MFB) by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with her registered office at No 25 Ziks Avenue, Amawbia in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.


To provide access to sustainable microfinance bank services for the active poor and to enable them engage in self-employment and microenterprises aimed at reducing poverty.


To strengthen the capacity of the microfinance institution in the area of abode, to better serve their clients, especially women of the poorest families on a sustainable basis.


PROFICIENCY: Having a culture of doing things right the first time and all the time.

INTEGRITY: Transparent and honest in all dealings with our stake holders.

FRIENDLINESS: Exhibiting friendly disposition in every dealings with all our stakeholders.

INNOVATION: Continually developing and improving on our services and technical support programs for efficient value added service and customer satisfaction.

RELIABILTY: we can be counted on through our services and deliverables.

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